Uriel Herman & Uriel Weinberger IL

Uriel Herman & Uriel Weinberger

Unikátní duo z Izraele. Pianistu Uriela Hermana známe na Jazzinci dobře, vystupoval zde jak se svým Quartetem, tak i s programem solo piana. 


Different Eyes - We all have one pair of eyes but there are countless layers of seeing. We can see or choose to look. Our memories and dreams are painted in different colors every time we visit them and therefore each moment gives a singular meaning to looking in and out.

In Different Eyes, Uriel’s 3rd album, we begin with memories. ’Jerusalem’ - a duet with Trumpeter Itamar Borochov is a melody inspired by fragments of Uriel’s childhood memories and the sounds of the Jerusalem streets. The two continue into a fragile rendition of ‘Nature Boy’.

We then gaze into familiar eyes, the piano. First comes ‘Luiza’ - Uriel’s solo take on Jobim’s beautiful tune. In this arrangement, the chromatic harmony flavour of Composer, Frederic Chopin’s can be felt throughout. The next piece is an Homage to one of Chopin’s most known pieces, ‘Prelude in E Minor (Op. 28 No. 4)’ along with Cellist Maya Belsitzman.

When we close our eyes, we open a door to dreams, fantasies, illusion and more. In a way, they give us a new pair of eyes.

A challenging two years of shutting down and distancing, brought Uriel to use these eyes. This forms in the shape of ‘Fantasia’ written for Hüsnü Şenlendirici and in pieces written for his band that explore complex rhythms and grooves. Among them, an interpretation for Nirvana’s ‘Polly’.

The most important change of outlook for Uriel arrived with becoming a parent for his son, Nur. The closing track is an arrangement to Yakinton - an Israeli lullaby that accompanied Nur’s first year. Uriel takes the melody and with his harmonic approach, he travels in a duet with the trumpet to a colorful journey that makes the melody shine, each time in a different way.


Uriel Herman - Pianist and composer, Uriel Herman is one of the most sensitive and prominent voices in the international Jazz scene. In his music, Uriel dissolves the boundaries between the structures and aesthetics of classical music, and the freedom and self-expression of Jazz. Uriel’s unique melodic sense is prevalent throughout all of his work. Whether it be a David Bowie arrangement or a symphonic piece for an Orchestra, Uriel manages to keep his music personal and exposed in one hand, while showcasing his piano virtuoso side and his fire-groove attitude on the other.


Uriel Weinberger - Woodwinds, composer and producer. Studied in the musical high-school yeshiva "Kinor-David''.
Following his army service Uriel began his musical career playing with Israeli artists, including The Idan Reichel Project, Dikla, Yehuda Poliker and Hannan Ben-Ari among others. He has also been an active member in Uriel Herman's Jazz Quartet, traveling across the globe together.
In addition to playing and performing, Uriel has been composing and producing songs and whole performances for artists such as Rotem Cohen, Dikla, Benaia Barabi, Maya Abraham and Gute-Gute.

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